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Protec Staff28/06/2007 01:58:33 Hello Richard, Unfortunately 3M do not offer a spectacle with an EW rating of 9 - 12. I have also tried two other manufacturers who gave the same answer. I will only be able to source welding goggles or spectacles with a EW rating of 5. The trend seems to be only visors have a rating above 5 EW. Thankyou for the question, sorry for the delay.
Protec Staff28/06/2007 01:47:44 Hello Richard, The 3M 2721 safety spec is not suitable for welding. At present your query is logged with the 3M technical division as soon as I have been advised I will post another thread. Thankyou.
Protec Staff27/06/2007 10:16:53 Hello Richard, Not to sure about EW ratings, could you meen EN ratings? Thanks for your question.
Richard Lovett27/06/2007 07:59:22 Can anybody please tell me the EW rating on the 3M 2721 Classic Specitacle - smoke lens. And of if there are any glasses similar to this with a EW rating.

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