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Emergency First Aid Solutions Posted 22/09/2020

Emergency First Aid Solutions


Every day, those in the UK are having to adapt and change their lifestyle to cater for things such as new working patterns which, only a matter of months ago, didn’t seem plausible.


Key workers, those who provide essential and fundamental services, have had to quickly adjust to new social distancing measures which have been introduced into working environments. Meanwhile, key workers in service roles are having to sit around dining tables while balancing the demands of entertaining the children, home-schooling and also maintaining their incomes during a global healthcare and economic crisis.


Benefits Of Branded Workwear/Uniforms Posted 17/09/2020

Branded Workwear
Branded uniforms are far more than just adding your company logo to a shirt – they can also improve the way your business operates and enhance its public perception. This blog explains the positive effects of branded workwear through two lenses: psychological and practical.

Psychological benefits of branded workwear 

Businesses that provide their employees with branded company uniforms find that they offer a host of benefits for boosting staff morale and wellbeing in the workplace.

Working At Height Legislation Posted 12/08/2020

Working At Height Legislation
According to HSE statistics, falls from height accounted for 8% of all workplace injuries and 26% of all fatal injuries in 2017/18. That year, there were 35 deaths as a result of falls from height.


The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) are set out to protect workers from death or injury, and the regulations mandate that both employers are partly responsible for protecting employees from falls from height.

Comparing Dust Mask Ratings Posted 15/07/2020

Dust mask ratings

Every year, respiratory hazards cause over 10,000 UK deaths at workplaces and homes. Respiratory hazards such as dust, mists, metal fumes, gases, and vapours contribute to the worrying trend.


Dust masks, however, are a simple yet effective form of respiratory PPE that protects against the respiratory problems caused by these agents, including wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and more severe chronic conditions like mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Common Types Of Accident On Construction Sites Posted 07/07/2020

Accidents at Construction Sites


The nature of construction work involves an array of risks and hazards, but while accidents on site are common, the majority of them are also easily avoidable. Therefore, employers must be aware of all the potential risks and do everything they can to mitigate them safely and practically.


As an employer, the safety measures you implement should adhere to The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, which is legislation specific to the construction industry. Following these regulations will ensure that your site operations are safe and compliant, and significantly reduce the risks posed to your employees.

Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) Risk Assessment Posted 02/07/2020

Vibration Risk


There are risks present in almost any workplace, but they’re especially common in industrial settings and building sites. Risk assessments are there to help you to decide how you can ensure the health and safety of employees by negating the specific risks of the workplace.

How To Lift Heavy Objects (Base Lift Technique) Posted 30/06/2020

How To Lift Heavy Objects (Base Lift Technique)

There are many reasons why workers should practice proper lifting techniques. Primarily, proper form and lifting technique reduce injury and health risks to yourself and others. Poor form, on the other hand, can cause injuries such as muscle strains and tears, back and joint pain, and more. In fact, manual handling injuries make up a third of all workplace injuries and often keep staff off work for months at a time.

This article presents a step by step guide on how to use safe manual handling lifting techniques in the workplace. We will cover heavy lifting considerations, correct form, employer law, and more.                                                                                                                                                                            

Guide to Hazardous Substances In The Workplace Posted 17/06/2020

Guide to Hazardous Substances In The Workplace

Both employee and public safety are the main priority for employers, but safety guidelines are not always adhered to for several reasons.

In 2018-19, for instance, 12,000 deaths occurred due to the contraction of occupational lung disease – a large proportion of which were caused by hazardous substances (mainly chemicals or dust) – in this day and age, these figures are preventable.

Carrying Out A Noise Risk Assessment Posted 21/05/2020

Noise Risk Assessment
Loud noises in the workplace can damage employees’ hearing and pose severe safety risks. It is therefore essential that both duty holders and workers understand common workplace noise hazards. Workers must also fully understand the benefits of wearing hearing protection equipment because a lack of it can potentially lead to noise-induced hearing loss. 

In this article, we’ll cover what dangers are posed by noise in the workplace, what employers’ legal duties are, how to identify noise hazards, and what a noise risk assessment looks like.

Carrying Out A Workplace Safety Inspection Posted 12/05/2020

Carrying Out A Workplace Safety Inspection
Workplace inspections can be either formal or informal. Informal inspections are a great way to prepare for formal inspections and should be conducted by a facilities manager.

According to HSE guidance on workplace inspections, formal inspections can take different forms: safety tours, safety sampling, safety surveys and incident inspections. Each of these types of inspections are an important preventative measure in helping to keep workplaces safe, covering different areas of potential risk: