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Go Green! Building a sustainable business with Protec Direct

As part of the Bunzl group, Protec Direct are continuously working to develop new and innovative green business practices. We don't just want to work sustainably, we want to help your business to work sustainably, too.

Sustainability in action

Our vision is to help create a sustainable planet and we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Here are some of the small changes we've made that could one day make a big difference!

  • Recycling - we're committed to the correct disposal of plastic, paper and other waste
  • Motion-activated lights - reducing our reliance on carbon resources
  • Going digital - reducing our use of printed materials by communicating with customers via phone and email
  • FSC-accredited paper - when printed materials are needed, we only use FSC-accredited paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests
  • Supplier consolidation - using fewer suppliers has reduced the rate of deliveries
  • Removing kitchen disposables - we've replaced disposable cutlery and removed vending machines throughout our workplace
  • Volunteer scheme - all employees of Protec Direct have the chance to give back and take part in charity work

What we offer our customers

We're always working to support our customers in building a sustainable business and adopting green business practices. That's why we offer a range of services to help your business in its mission to go green.

PPE Recycling

Unsure where to recycle PPE? We're pleased to have partnered with a zero-landfill PPE recycling service. To recycle your PPE with Protec Direct, simply request a recycling bag (product code: 496169) and provide your contact information, including your address and contact number. Once you have filled this with your discarded PPE, contact the number provided on the bag and it will be collected by a courier. It couldn't be easier to dispose of your company's PPE in an eco-friendly way.

Recyclable Signage

Our new and innovative recycled signage is created using Cartonplast fluted polypropylene sheets, polypropylene being a 100% recyclable eco-friendly alternative to plastic. This material is strong, durable, lightweight and moisture-resistant, making it perfect for use within signage.

All waste generated during the manufacturing process of this signage is recycled and re-extruded and the products can be recycled again when they're no longer needed.

Our suppliers:

We're proud to say that our suppliers have also introduced green business practices and are pioneering change for the environment. Many of our biggest collaborators are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, selecting sustainable materials and processes to promote change within the industry of health, safety and PPE.


Workwear designer Portwest have started looking at their waste output, dramatically reducing their packaging and ensuring that at least 80% of it is recyclable.

Rock Fall

Rock Fall have removed all paper stuffing from the packaging of their safety footwear, reducing the volume of cardboard used within the packaging. They also use comfort insoles made with at least 45% recyclable materials and ethically sourced components.


Over 90% of the energy consumed by PPE manufacturers UVEX is green energy, having invested in solar power and the use of a waterless production process, as well as building a fleet of all-electric company cars. UVEX are well on their way to becoming CO2-neutral.

Deb Skin Care

Deb Skin Care's cartridges are almost entirely recyclable, with many of their washroom foam soaps and hand cleaners also EU Ecolabel accredited.