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Suitable Gloves & Goggles

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Protec Staff18/07/2008 11:06:53 Hello Lesley, Could you provide a temperature range too which you will be working as this will affect the hand protection we can offer. With regards to eye protection as it is a kiln you will be working with I feel a more suitable option would be a face shield rather than goggles. You can look on our website at the CB14 browguard to wich you can attach a visor the CV84A or the CV83P would be an option for you dependant on materials you will work with. Regards Tech Support.
Protec Staff17/07/2008 04:46:53 Hello Lesley, I have passed this question over to some of our suppliers to see what we can source for you. As soon as i recieve a reply I will post it for you. Regards Tech Support.
Lesley Reef17/07/2008 04:21:50 I have just taken possession of a top loading kiln. You have heat resistant leather gloves for sale, but do they come in sizes? Which are the best goggles to protect my eyes when opening the kiln at extreme temperatures? Many thanks L Reef

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