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A recent report from Textiles Intelligence, a business information company, entitled "Military clothing and equipment: escalating global tensions spur investment", highlights the pressing need for the military to develop better protective clothing. 

This comes in light of the ongoing global conflicts and advances in weapons and surveillance technologies, which are putting military personnel at greater risk of harm.
This report raises the question of how best to protect our troops in the face of these challenges, and it is clear that high-performance clothing is essential. However, the cost of such clothing is a concern; budgetary constraints may limit their use. 
One promising area of development is the use of nanomaterials in uniforms, which have the ability to conceal the thermal signature of soldiers. This makes them less likely to be detected by surveillance devices. By bending light and deflecting electromagnetic radiation, these materials can render objects invisible, including military personnel. 
While invisibility may not be a priority for industrial workers or civilians, other advancements in military clothing could have wider applications. For instance, wearable devices are being integrated into military protective clothing to optimize performance and enhance safety, which could be adapted for use in other sectors.  
Extending the benefits of military technology to other areas can improve safety and efficiency for everyone. The military is at the forefront of research and development in protective clothing. Their efforts are not only benefiting troops, but also have the potential to benefit workers in hazardous environments.


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