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Three wearable PPE equipment technology trends are protecting employees working in hazardous conditions.  

Sensors in hard helmets

Construction workers are required to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) hard hats to reduce the risk of head injuries from dropping objects and falls. New sensor technology attached to helmets can measure if employees are becoming too hot or suffering from serious health issues. If an object falls on the helmet, the sensors measure the impact and assess likely injuries.

Biometric data

Biometric data is information obtained from the body, such as blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate, and body temperature. Biometric sensors can be featured in smartphones and smartwatches. In addition to supplying important health information to individual workers, data can be sent to supervisors to alert them if workers are in danger of being harmed. The data can reveal if employees are working too hard for too long and when they need a break.
Biometric sensors can tell if a worker is unwell and should not be driving or working at heights.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is used for health and safety training to simulate worst-case scenarios. Workers can safely practice making the right decisions if they are faced with real-life dangerous situations. Augmented training sessions increase confidence and lower the risk of accidents.
Accidents and work-related illnesses have a major impact on businesses and can cost organizations a lot of money in fines and compensation. Wearable technology is one way to improve health and safety to keep workers safe.


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