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  5. Bloo Toilet Cistern Block Original (Pack 2)

Bloo Toilet Cistern Block Original (Pack 2)

Code: 334740000
Bloo Original Toilet Blocks
£1.87 exc. VAT  
£2.24 inc. VAT

Bloo Toilet Cistern Block Original (Pack 2)

A hygienically clean and fresh toilet with blue water with each flush. A strong foaming action to prevent dirt and cleaning agents designed to prevent limescale, keeping loo hygienically clean in between deep cleans. Bring colour to bathroom and turn toilet water blue with Bloo while actively cleaning between flushes. Long lasting - Each cistern pack has up to 8 weeks of cleaning and foaming for an everlasting enjoyable toilet moment. Place in the tank to protect the whole system. Cleans and foams with every flush. Prevents pesky limescale build-up.

Manufacturer Bunzl Manufacturer Code 111842

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