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3M E-A-R Express Earplugs Corded

Code: 670403000
The 3M E-A-R Pod plugs are very easy to insert since there is no roll down needed, just use the soft flexible grip to push the earplug into position and achieve excellent position. Due to not having to touch the foam tips of the earplug during fitting the 3M pod plug range are one of the most hygienic types of earplug available on the market. - Box Quantity 100 pairs
Colour: Yellow
Box of 100
£99.75 exc. VAT  
£119.70 inc. VAT

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3M E-A-R Express Earplugs Corded

The corded unique pod design of the 3M E-A-R Express Earplug allows the foam to compress easily so that the plug slides gently into the ear and expands slowly, making an effective seal for most ear canals The 3M E-A-R Express Earplug has an insertion grip which makes handling and fitting the earplug easier and more hygienic. Box Quantity  100 pairs

Manufacturer 3M EAR Manufacturer Code EX-01-001