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V-Tuf Mighty M Class Dust Extractor 240V

Code: 334419000
MIGHTY - 21L M-Class 240v Industrial Dust Extraction Vacuum Cleaner.
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V-Tuf Mighty M Class Dust Extractor 240V

Mighty by name, mighty by nature - the V-TUF MIGHTY M Class Dust Extractors are the UK’s most popular choice when it comes to a M-Class rated vacuum - built to withstand the toughest conditions! The V-TUF MIGHTY-M-240 is known to be a tough piece of kit made for cleaning up MIGHTY amounts of dust, on the biggest, toughest jobs! The V-TÜF M-Class MIGHTY is lightweight, compact with H13 Hepa 99.9% filtration efficiency for compliant and safe dust extraction throughout your project, providing powerful dust extraction, helping your to tackle the dust at source, ensuring a safe working environment for all. With the (HSE) - UK Health and Safety Executive clamping down regulations on silica dust on buildings sites to M-Class rating as the minimum legal requirement, unrated vacuum cleaners can exhaust over 80% of harmful dust back into you breathing space. While the tiny dust particles are not visible to the naked eye, they still remain airborne for up to 8 hours, meaning people in the area are inhaling hazardous silica dust particles. The V-TUF M-Class MIGHTYM240v has been designed to protect your health and wellbeing and the future of the workforce in hazardous working environments! Always use VTVS7007 HEPA M-Class rated filter bags when operating this vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Effective dust extraction is a cost-effective solution to remove potentially hazardous dusts from the atmosphere while protecting the workforce (that would normally be exposed to openly inhaling harmful particles) and provides a safer environment, with the added benefits of mobility and ease of cleaning. The V-TÜF M-Class MIGHTY-M-240v offers you affordable compliance and protection from common dust related health issues! The new M CLASS MIGHTY is here to save and improve lives of those in their line of duty. Ideal for: Construction & woodworking Industries. There is no reason to not embrace the M Class protection. V-TUF M-Class Rated Dust Extractors are designed to protect you from Silica Dust! Silica dust is created when sanding, drilling, demolishing, cutting, sweeping products such as concrete block & bricks, tiles, sandstone, slate, granite slate, limestone & marble. So, by using M-Class rated dust extraction equipment where you extract the dust at source, instead of it becoming airborne, you are doing the right thing by prevent people from inhaling the hazardous silica dust particles into their lungs, and preventing yourself, and those around you from getting an occupational lung disease, and also preventing people from death! *Please Note: This product is delivered directly from the manufacturer and delivered in 2-3 working days*

Manufacturer V-Tuf Manufacturer Code MIGHTYHSV240