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We are proud to work in partnership with Skytec to offer you the best safety solutions for the job in hand. Rest assured that all products supplied are certified to the appropriate quality standards where necessary, meaning that we have your full compliance and safety in mind.

Skytec Hand Protection

Cut Resistant Gloves
Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut resistant gloves

When workers are exposed to sharp tools or materials, it is important that employers put measures in place to ensure their safety on site. Here at Protec, we stock a wide range of cut resistant gloves from leading brands including Traffiglove, Ansell, Skytec and Uvex, which offer the wearer durability as well as comfort. You can also find specialist gloves such as lightweight cut resistant gloves and glass fibre gloves.


Why wear cut resistant gloves?

Cuts, specifically to the hand, fingers and wrist, are the most common occupational injury in the UK. It is therefore paramount that employers protect workers who are at risk from serious injury as a result of handling sharp blades or tools, operating power tools or coming into contact with piercing materials. Common industries where this is relevant include:

  • Construction
  • Mechanics
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture

While completely cut proof gloves are a myth, significant advancements in technology and materials like Kevlar, glass fibre and polyurethane mean cut resistant gloves can help reduce the level of risk and ensure that workers can carry out their jobs safely.


Employer Responsibilities

According to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, if there is a risk of injury in a workplace which could be avoided with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), then employers are required to provide suitable protective equipment for their employees. This means that PPE, and more specifically cut resistant gloves, should always be provided when there is a risk of injury from sharp tools, materials or objects. Employers are also required according to the regulations to replace protective gloves and clothing when needed.


Safety Standards for Cut Resistant Gloves

The EN 388:2003 European Standard applies to all forms of hand protection which protect against abrasion, blade cuts, punctures and tearing from mechanical risks. It sets out requirements including test methods, labelling and information which must be supplied with protective gloves.

This standard means that a four digit code must be displayed on the packaging of all cut resistant hand protection. Each number in the code refers to the product’s ability to perform in the following areas:

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Blade cut resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Puncture resistance

All protective gloves are also bound by EN 420, which sets out requirements that gloves must meet in order to be deemed fit for purpose.

Browse our complete selection of cut resistant hand protection below or explore our wider range of hand protection to find gloves suited to dozens of purposes and industries. There you can find the likes of anti-vibration gloves, builders grip gloves and many more. 

Disposable Gloves
Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves

At Protec we stock an extensive selection of disposable gloves, including vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves which can be used in a wide variety of industries. Our single use gloves come in all sizes and from leading brands such as Polyco, Ansell and Skytec, offering a superior resistance to chemicals and tearing in order to keep users safe at work.


What are disposable gloves used for?

Disposable gloves are used by professionals in a wide range of industries to create a barrier between the wearer’s hands and potentially dangerous substances. For example, single use gloves are used in the following industries:

  • Medicine – to prevent cross-contamination and infection, as well as protecting the wearer from the likes of blood and bodily fluids.
  • Catering – to prevent food from being contaminated with bacteria from the wearer’s hands.
  • Chemical industries – to prevent harmful chemicals from touching the skin in laboratories and similar environments.
  • Police & Emergency Services - to prevent officers from contaminating evidence, and to protect them from substances such as blood or chemicals.
  • Janitorial, Refuse & Waste – to prevent the wearer from coming into physical contact with any hazardous substances which have been disposed of.


What are disposable gloves made from?

There are a number of materials that disposable gloves can be made from, with each one having its own qualities that make it more suitable for certain tasks or industries. The three main materials are:

  • Latex – Latex gloves are famously durable and flexible, so they’ve long been the material of choice when it comes to disposable gloves. However, organisations buying latex gloves must ensure that no one who intends to use them suffers from a latex allergy.
  • Nitrile – Nitrile is highly regarded as one of the best materials for making disposable gloves. Nitrile gloves offer all the benefits of latex but without the allergies, as the material was specially created to eliminate the allergic effect of latex.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl is much cheaper to produce than both latex and nitrile, so vinyl gloves are most commonly used as a solution for saving costs on a single use consumable. Typically vinyl gloves are looser fitting and are therefore not ideal for dextrous tasks.

There are also both powdered and powder-free gloves available to buy here at Protec. The powder in powdered gloves is intended to soak up perspiration and make gloves more comfortable during long-use; however some wearers can find it irritates their skin.


Glove Regulations

All of our disposable gloves adhere to the EN 420:2003 European Standard, which sets out the requirements gloves must meet in order to be seen as fit for use in a professional setting. These regulations are aimed at ensuring that all safety gloves offer maximum protection for the conditions in which they’ll be used.

Browse our full selection of disposable gloves below, or take a look at our full range of safety gloves for a variety of purposes. Our range includes everything from rubber gloves to protective sleeves, so you can find exactly you need for the task at hand.

General Purpose Gloves
General Purpose Gloves
Protec Direct’s broad selection of general purpose gloves include nylon gloves, stockinette gloves, mixed fibre gloves, and polka dot gloves. Nylon gloves, one of the more popular, are suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and electronics. Protec Direct’s industrial nylon gloves provide prevention against contamination with a material that is non-shredding.  All Protec Direct’s general purpose gloves conform and adhere to the appropriate legislation requirements.
Nitrile Coated Gloves
Nitrile Coated Gloves

Nitrile Coated Gloves

At Protec Direct we stock a variety of nitrile coated work gloves, offering a high level of grip and protection for workers in a range of industries. Customers can choose gloves from industry-leading brands, such as Ansell, Marigold and Showa, with a variety of designs and sizes available. Whether you are a self-employed trader or large organisation, it is the law to protect employees when on the job, so browse our range of nitrile coated gloves below to find what you need to keep your team safe.


What are nitrile gloves?

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber copolymer which is also known as NBR latex; however, contrary to what this name may suggest there are actually no latex proteins in the material. For this reason, nitrile is the hand protection material of choice for many businesses, as nitrile gloves can be safely worn by those who suffer from latex allergies without causing allergic reactions.

Nitrile’s properties include having an excellent resistance to punctures and tears – in fact, nitrile gloves are three times more puncture resistant than their rubber counterparts. It is also thin, comfortable and highly flexible, more resistant to oils and acids than both latex and rubber, and offers a superior level of non-slip grip regardless of whether the gloves are wet or dry.  

Nitrile coated gloves go one step further by using nitrile to coat the glove lining, therefore adding another protective layer. The lining of the gloves can be made from a range of materials, including foam, nylon and spandex, and they can be either fully coated or partly coated, such as palm-coated nitrile gloves.


What are nitrile coated gloves used for?

Nitrile’s properties of being thin, tough and oil resistant mean that they are ideal for use in the mechanical, engineering and automotive industries. The fact that they offer users a high level of dexterity is also a huge bonus for workers in these industries, who commonly need to be nimble with their fingers while still having a high level of protection.

The enhanced grip of nitrile coated gloves also means they are commonplace in factories, warehouses, and production lines, as well as in the logistics industry. The grip allows workers to do their job more efficiently and the protective qualities defend hands from abrasive materials and repetitive wear and tear on the skin.


Regulations and Standards

Protec’s hand protection range conforms to the appropriate legislation requirements in order to ensure maximum safety for the user. These regulations and standards include:

  • EN388 Standard – This European Standard covers the testing of safety gloves for protection against mechanical risks. It measures the gloves’ resistance to abrasion, blade cuts, tearing and punctures.
  • Personal Protection Equipment Regulations (2002) – This sets out employers’ duties in providing and ensuring the use of PPE where there is a risk at work for employees. All PPE, including nitrile coated protective gloves, must be properly maintained, tested, stored and replaced when necessary.

Browse our complete range of nitrile coated work gloves below to find the best options for you and your employees, or explore our full selection of PPE gloves, including nitrile unsupported gloves.

Protective Sleeves
Protective Sleeves
Protec Direct supply a wide range of protective sleeves varying in material and purpose of usage. These protective sleeves each have their own unique protection use, ranging from cuts, heat, and chemicals. As mentioned, these protective sleeves are therefore produced from a number of different materials including Kevlar, leather, and hyflex. All of Protec Direct’s protective sleeves meet the appropriate legislation requirements.
Thermal Grip Gloves
Thermal Grip Gloves
Protec Direct supply a large number of thermal grip gloves as part of its Hand Protection product range. Thermal grip gloves are perfect for working in cold conditions in a number of industries including construction, transportation, maintenance, and generally any manual work outside. These thermal grip gloves provide the wearer with a comfortable fit, warmth, and flexibility.

Skytec Roadworks & Equipment

Winter Essentials
Winter Essentials
Our Winter Essentials have been created to keep you moving on cold days, whether it’s on the road or on site, we have you covered. With a wide range of products to help you beat the weather, including snow shovels, ice scrapers and de-icer spray. We also offer a selection of cold weather clothing and PPE. We have industry leading brands in Workwear like Regatta, Helly Hansen and Protec's own brand value Exclusive Brand. You can also use our custom branding service to create logo branded fleeces, jackets and other corporate clothing, just call 0870 333 3081 for more info. Order by 5pm, and your order can be delivered the next day. Next day delivery applies to selected items only.