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We are proud to work in partnership with Elipse to offer you the best safety solutions for the job in hand. Rest assured that all products supplied are certified to the appropriate quality standards where necessary, meaning that we have your full compliance and safety in mind.

Elipse Respiratory Protective Equipment

Half Masks & Full Face Masks
Half Masks & Full Face Masks

Full Face Respirators & Half Mask Respirators

At Protec Direct we stock an amazing selection of high-quality half mask and full face respirators as part of our full collection of respiratory protective equipment. All of the respirators below are crucial in helping to keep you safe when working in areas with contaminated air. If you are an employer, then by law you may have to provide half mask or full face respirators to employees as part of their PPE – read on below to learn more about these regulations.


What are half mask and full face respirators?

Both full face and half mask respirators offer the wearer exceptional levels of protection for workers against air that contains particles and can be used for purifying air which is contaminated. This includes particles such as wood or stone when the materials are being cut, dust, or hazards chemicals and solvents. Both of these types of respirators have their own uses:

  • Full face respirators help to provide complete respiratory protection from particles in the air, but also provide protection for the eyes against airborne particles.
  • Half mask respirators are less intrusive but still provide complete respiratory protection for the wearer. They can be paired with safety glasses or goggles to offer all the protection of a full face respirator.


Who uses half mask and full face respirator masks?

Half mask respirators and full face respirators are used in a wide range of occupations in which the wearer requires protection from the chemicals or particles in the air around them. These include, but are not limited to industries such as carpentry, metal work, masonry, painting and decorating, chemical and laboratories, janitorial, property renovations, and the arts and creative industries.


Regulations and Standards for half and full mask respirators

All of the respiratory PPE available online at Protec Direct conform to the relevant European Standards. These include:

  • EN136 – This European Standard defines a full face respiratory mask as one which covers the chin, eyes, nose and mouth.
  • EN140 – This European Standard covers the technical specifications for half and quarter face mask. It defines a half face respiratory mask as one which covers the mouth, nose and chin.
  • EN143 – This European Standard covers particle filters used in respiratory masks and ensures they are classified according to their filtering efficiency. It splits filters into three categories – P1, P2, and P3.

There are also a number of regulations which govern respirators and PPE at work and set out an employers’ responsibilities, such as:

  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992) – It is essential for employers to ensure safe systems of work so the need for PPE is minimised, but where PPE is necessary it should be provided and always be fit for purpose. The PPE should be maintained and checked regularly and employees should be trained on how to correctly use it.

Browse the full collection of full and half face respirator mass below and find the suitable items for you and your employees. Or, browse many other specialist items such as FFP3 disposable respirators and welding respirators in our full RPE collection.

Elipse Repiratory Filters
Elipse Repiratory Filters
Protec Direct supply a range of Elipse respiratory filters as part of the overall Respiratory Protection product range. They are to be used in conjunction with Elipse half mask respirators. All Elipse respiratory filters supplied by Protec Direct conform to the appropriate British and European legislation requirements.