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Stuart Kyle, an expert on safety footwear, has detailed the three key features that workers want from their safety boots: anti-slip properties, comfort and durability.

A third of accidents at work are caused by trips, falls and slips. Many of these accidents can be prevented by wearing safety boots with non-slip soles. Safety boots need soles that retain their grip on wet surfaces and heels that are angled for stability. 
Foot disorders are a common work-related health problem. Workers who stand for many hours each working day are at risk for foot health issues if they do not wear comfortable safety boots that fit well. A safety boot needs arch supports and comfortable insoles that help provide good joint alignment to prevent foot pain. 
Work boots need to provide protection against particular hazards. Some industries such as the oil and gas sectors can wear boots specifically designed for their environment. If the workplace contains both smooth and wet floors, safety boots need to have sufficient grip for both surfaces. Boots need to be fully waterproof to cope with wet conditions. 
Stuart Kyle says that it is worth spending more on quality boots that last longer:
“This means they will be replaced less frequently; less material is sent to landfill.” 

The best safety boots prevent slips, support the feet with comfort features and last a long time. They will cost more but investing extra in safety boots benefits both workers and business owners by, preventing costly accidents.


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