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Is there anything more important than your health and personal safety? And a large part of this has to do with keeping safe, whatever it is you’re doing. Whether you’re at work, on the commute or even at home, you need to do everything you can to avoid illness and injury at the hands of others.

So, it’s very useful that we have events like National Personal Safety Day to remind us of just how important it is. Organised by the Suzy Lamplugh trust, National Personal Safety Day is an annual event to highlight some of the simple, practical solutions that everyone can use to avoid risk, violence and aggression in society. The aim of the day is to try and help people to live safer and more confident lives.                                                                                                                                                     

The theme of this year’s National Personal Safety Day is ‘Door2Door’. This is aimed at highlighting the risks we face from when we leave our own front door until the moment we arrive at our destination. It is being held on the 6 October this year.                                                                                                                                           



It doesn’t matter what your destination is, your method of transport or even what time of day it is, there are always risks. Travelling might even be part of your job, which means you are at greater risk of being involved in an accident or incident going Door2Door.


Practical solutions
There are lots of ways of increasing your safety while you are travelling to your destination. There are a number of apps that will let people know your arrival time and can even reveal your exact location should you need assistance. Apps like Mobile LWP and Alert5 are easy to use and can be downloaded onto your smart phone.


Apps such as Guardian24 are focused on those who work alone and for whom an accident could be very serious. Guardian24 now has 32,000 subscribers with approximately 400 public and private sector companies using it to keep staff safe. Other apps such as Peoplesafe, LoneWorker Manager and Loner Mobile all aim to do the same thing and keep people who may be working or travelling alone, safe.


There are also a number of personal alarms and safety guards for those who are vulnerable who may live or work under the shadow or an accident or incident.


What can you do?
There are many organisations that have been involved in the scheme over previous years, including the police, Neighbourhood Watch, local schools, community groups and more. So if you want to get involved just get in touch.

On a personal level you could volunteer to distribute information, email colleagues or start a discussion at work, or even run a lunchtime seminar.

Although the focus of this year’s event is on safety while going from place to place, it is important to remember how important your personal safety is at all times when at work or home. Never take unnecessary risks and always try to act sensibly. You never know when you may be in danger.


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