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Tinnitus UK has warned Britain's almost one million motorcyclists that they risk hearing loss or tinnitus if they fail to protect their ears while riding.

Sound levels over 80 decibels put hearing at risk. At speeds over 35 mph, engine and wind noise combined can reach between 85 to 95 decibels. At 65 mph, sound levels can rise to between 110 and 116 decibels, which can cause hearing damage in less than a minute's exposure. 
Tinnitus UK advises people who ride motorbikes for work or leisure that ear protection is very affordable. Expensive ear defenders are not necessary for wearing helmets, but inexpensive earplugs are fine. Caroline Savage, CEO of Tinnitus UK, says:
"Noise exposure is the single biggest preventable cause of tinnitus, and it is clear from our research that people appear to be unaware of the risks."
Tinnitus UK’s research found that 29% of Britain’s 940,000 motorcyclists fail to regularly wear ear protection whilst riding their motorbikes. They risk being affected by tinnitus, for which there is no known cure.  
Caroline Savage recommends that riders make a habit of wearing ear protectors even when going short distances. Every motorcyclist habitually puts on their helmet before riding. However, most motorcycle helmets are not designed to protect hearing. Savage wants the wearing of ear protectors to become an automatic process before every bike journey.
The law requires employers to prevent health and safety risks caused by excessive noise. This should also apply to workers who ride motorbikes at work.



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