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Health and safety campaign launched against dust

A new campaign by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) called #DustBuster is targeted at construction firms and hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of dust on construction sites.


The campaign wants to reduce levels of lung disease related to excessive dust that affects builders. Dust that is particularly harmful includes asbestos, silica and wood dust.

HSE inspectors are visiting construction sites in the first quarter of 2019 to see whether businesses have protection measures in place against workers inhaling dust.


By publicising the harmful effects of dust, the HSE hopes that construction firms will review their health and safety practices.


The head of the #DustBuster campaign, David Harrison, said:

“The #Dustbuster campaign aims to influence employer behaviour using the visit of inspectors as a motivator for builders to download free advice and guidance, which will, in turn, increase their knowledge and capability to protect workers' health.”


Simple measures such as wearing protective face mask workwear and vacuuming dusty areas can minimise risk.


The #DustBuster campaign is part of the HSE’s “Go Home Healthy” initiative. The HSE has published a series of “selfie cards”, which builders are encouraged to download and print.


They can then pose for photos with the cards and post them on social media to spread the message that construction workers’ health and safety is vitally important. These cards include the messages carrying the hashtag #WorkRight, and address such themes as improving life quality and expectancy through responsible working.


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