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First4Lawyers has published a list of the fifteen most common causes of workplace injuries.

In 2021, over a half a million workplace injuries were reported. In the list of the top fifteen causes of injuries, the first four places are hand injuries. The full list is:

  1. Hand cuts
  2. Finger cuts
  3. Dislocation of the hand
  4. Scars to the hand
  5. Dislocated back
  6. Head cuts
  7. Dislocated finger
  8. Cuts to the back
  9. Knee ligament damage
  10. Scars to the arm
  11. Back fracture
  12. Dislocated foot
  13. Dislocated wrist
  14. Fractured hand
  15. Hand tendon damage

Hand injuries can occur in any workplace, but workers are at a higher risk in construction sites and kitchens, where sharp objects like knives are frequently used. Hand dislocations are commonly caused by falling objects and car accidents. Corrosive chemicals and expressive heat cause serious scars and burns to the hands.

Quality safety training reduces accidents. PPE (personal protective equipment) such as hard hats, safety boots and gloves protect workers from injury. 

Commenting on the findings, the Head of Claims at First4Lawyers, Jacqueline Busby said:

"Although it is positive that numbers of serious workplace accidents, including fatalities, has fallen significantly in the last few decades, we are still seeing too many people being hurt in preventable incidents."

Although there are higher injury risks in some industries, Jacqueline Busby notes that no worker is entirely risk-free. Though most accidents occur in large cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield, many smaller towns have high injury levels. All employers should focus on protecting workers.


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