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Safety standards help to keep us all safer at work. It is important when you buy a pair of safety gloves that you look out for the symbols showing for which purpose specific protection are designed. Within each field there are certain levels of hand protection that the gloves should offer. By understanding the rating systems and applying these safety glove regulations to the workplace, we can all protect our hands and prevent injury.


With this in mind, Globus have put together a series of infographics to help guide you through the important aspects of glove safety ratings. This one focuses on EN388:2003, a rating that will help determine how far the safety glove will help to protect against mechanical risks.                                       

However, what do the numbers represent below the EN388 pictogram? Here are some facts about the EN388: 2003 test and procedure:
• EN388 assesses the ability for a glove's fabric to resist abrasion, blade cuts, tearing and puncture by a pointed object.
• A safety glove's mechanical risk performance (EN388:2003) is represented by a series of 4 digits.
• EN388 performance levels must be displayed with the pictogram on a glove's packaging
• A palm sample is exposed to an elliptical motion over standard glass paper to test EN388 abrasion resistance.
• EN388 cut resistance performance (Coup Test) uses a counter-rotating circular blade on a flat sample.
• 4 samples from a glove’s palm are used to test resistance to ripping for EN388 Standard.
• Puncture resistance is measured by the amount of force required for a stylus to pierce a glove's sample at fixed speed.
We’re pleased to present a simple infographic guide to explain further:                                          



This is a guest blog post from Globus, safety glove manufacturer based in Manchester. To view the full range of infographics available from Globus, please click here.

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