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Though gardening is enjoyable and rewarding, it is essential to wear protective clothing to reduce the risks of inquiry from sharp gardening tools, chemicals and other dangers.

In an article in the Bromsgrove Standard, a leading protective workwear supplier recommends that gardeners wear gloves, long trousers and safety trainers that keep the feet safe from sharp objects and garden chemicals. When using power tools such as trimmers and lawnmowers, wear safety glasses or a face shield. Earplugs are useful when operating noisy garden power tools. Another important tip is to not operate electrical power tools in wet weather. 
Gardeners should take extra care when using fertilisers, pesticides or other chemicals that can be harmful to bare skin or if they touch the eyes. When gardening in hot sunny weather, wear a long sleeve shirt and long trousers to protect the skin from sunburn, and be sure to put on a wide-brimmed hat. 
Closed-toe boots or shoes with good non-slip treads are essential when working in wet weather.
Protective workwear should be replaced if worn or torn. Safety glasses need to be replaced regularly.  
Professional gardeners, whether self-employed or working for a company, are subject to health and safety regulations that specify protective clothing standards. They should attend horticulture health and safety training courses. People who enjoy gardening in their home garden or allotment may not be subject to stringent health and safety legislation, but they still need to be aware of safety risks and what protective clothing is best to wear to prevent injury. 


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