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Expert gives advice on getting rid of mould.

The death of a two-year-old which coroner said was caused by mould has shown how dangerous mould can be in the home or workplace. Karl Pass, an Axa home insurance expert says that there are steps that can be taken to get rid of mould and prevent it from returning.

Mould, is caused by high levels of moisture in the air. To maintain the property in a dry condition, keep it warm to prevent condensation in windows and walls. Karl Pass says to make sure the building:

"Is adequately ventilated and check for obvious problems such as leaky pipes or blocked gutters which could be adding to the problem."

Faulty damp coursing can cause moisture to rise from the ground.

Existing mould can be removed using a foam spray treatment. If workers or homeowners remove the mould themselves, it is essential that protective clothing is worn including gloves, a mask and goggles as mould removing sprays are toxic.

Rubbing alcohol applied to surfaces can prevent mould from forming again, but a more long-term solution is to apply a coat or two of anti-mould paint to walls and ceilings.

Use a humidity an temperature gauge to regularly check the moisture levels in the building. This will identify damp conditions that could lead to more mould forming.

Untreated mould is a health hazard that can cause serious structural damage that is expensive to repair. Businesses have an obligation to protect workers from the harmful effects of mould.


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