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The difference between common sense safety advice, and advice you receive from job safety training, is that you aren’t expected to know, or be able to work out the latter on your own. Another big difference between the two is that job safety training is always taken seriously, whereas common sense advice is often allowed to fall by the wayside.                                                                                                 

It really is amazing how, when it comes to safety, so much common sense knowledge is simply disregarded – until it’s too late. We won’t expect you to admit to ignoring these common sense safety rules from time to time, but we do expect you to stop!


If You Don’t Know, Ask Someone


It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office or on an oil rig, because this rule applies to everyone – it’s the risks of not following it that vary dramatically. If you don’t know how to do something, even if it’s just because you’ve forgotten, put your pride to one side and ask someone to show you. It’s for everyone’s good.


Look Out for Others


When busy or under pressure, it’s easy to just ‘get your head down’ and crack on with your work, focusing on what only you are doing. That’s great for your own productivity, but not if it stops you taking notice of other people. Always take the time to check the area around you, see where your workmates are and what they are doing.


Similarly, if you think one of your workmates could use some help or genuinely isn’t fit or able to do a job, it’s your place to intervene. Remember, you’re part of a team, and individual safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Inspect Your Tools and Equipment Before Use


Even if you’ve only recently used a piece of equipment, it’s always worth taking the time to check it over and make sure it’s in full working order – and if you notice anything amiss, get it taken care of first. Failing to ensure that tools, PPE and machinery is safe to use puts everyone at risk, and is a shortcut that is never worth taking.


Keep Your Work Area Clean


From disposing of offcuts to sweeping up sawdust, keeping your work area clean, tidy and organised is absolutely crucial, and not just because it saves you time at the end of your shift. A cluttered work area creates many hazards, including those of tripping and slipping, but it’s easy to let the housekeeping fall to the wayside when you’re busy. Take a break every hour or so for a spot of light cleaning, or give your workmates a hand with theirs.


Wear the Proper PPE

This is a rule that’s partly common sense, and partly instilled by training, yet it’s so often totally overlooked. Gloves, safety goggles, overalls and other PPE are there to do exactly what the name suggests – protect you – yet how many times do you forget to wear them, or at least wear them properly? The same applies to tying back long hair, removing all jewellery and wearing appropriate footwear. Pay attention to your PPE and it will take care of you too.


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