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While organisations may be tempted to purchase cheap safety boots for their workers, it has been revealed that this can comprise worker safety

An article on the Energy Voice website read by managers and workers in the energy industry explained the hidden costs of cheap safety boots. Energy companies have extremely high health and safety standards. 

Low-cost safety boots are not made to the same exacting standards as premium quality boots. They wear more quickly and need replacing more often. This is expensive in terms of the time and money it costs to administer systems that manage the reporting of worn boots, ordering them, distributing boots, and paying suppliers. Many organizations have an expensive manual system for this. 

Decent quality boots develop fewer faults, are designed to last a long time under heavy use and are cost-effective in the long term. 

Discarded boots often end up in landfill waste sites. The fewer boots that are thrown away, the better it is for the environment. Some recycling centres accept used footwear. 

Cheap boots can compromise safety by not including features such as high-performance grip and musculoskeletal support. Quality well-made safety boots are comfortable and not tight fitting. Employees that wear well-fitted boots are not distracted by foot fatigue and are able to concentrate better when working in hazardous environments. 

Low-cost safety boots may seem an effective way to save money initially, but a company that values quality and long-term value will protect their workers by supplying better quality footwear. 

To find out more about protective workwear and what PPE regulations employers are expected to follow, visit our technical information page.


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