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Personal Protection Equipment Industry News

Workwear must look and feel good, says reportPosted on 11/09/2015

A recent report states that the latest trends in workwear are for comfort and style, rather than focusing solely on safety.

According to a study produced by Textiles Intelligence, a business information company, these trends are having a huge impact on the PPE industry. The trends focus on comfort being necessary rather than being desirable, the clothing being stylish and modern, and every step of the supply chain demonstrating sustainability.

An increasing number of workers are demanding that their protective workwear is comfortable, in addition to making sure they are safeguarded in the workplace. Previously, when workwear was designed, the focus would be on the safety aspect, making sure that the clothing was protective. The protective clothing industry now has to work hard to achieve a balance between comfort and protection, however, with many items of protective workwear being made using fabrics that aid thermal comfort and moisture management.

The report suggests that employees are more likely to be motivated and perform highly if their workwear looks and feels good. It also indicates that an employee is more likely to wear protective clothing if it is designed in a fashionable style. Suppliers are concentrating on creating designs that fulfil these requirements while also encouraging employees to be compliant with health and safety regulations.

Materials that are environmentally sustainable are also being highly sought after, which has resulted in suppliers reducing the use of materials that could potentially cause harm to the environment or humans.

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