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Employees at Brakem America in Delaware, U.S. did not leave their factory for 28 days so that they could produce the materials needed to make PPE equipment that protects people from COVID-19.

The employees worked 12-hour shifts and slept at the factory during their time off. This was so that nobody caught the virus outside of the factory and spread it among their fellow employees. The owners of the factory said that all workers will receive a week off and they have given them a pay rise.

There have been no reports of people living in UK factories, but many companies have switched their production lines to manufacturing PPE. Luxury clothing brand Burberry is making PPE garments for NHS workers in its Yorkshire trench coat factory, while food packing manufacturer Rapid Action Packing is making PPE face shields. Midton Acrylics, which makes awards, has switched production to face visors.

Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West, claims that some companies have complained that they have contacted the NHS to offer to make PPE, but they have not heard back. Health Secretary Matt Hancock defended the government's response to these offers too, saying not all offers were credible.

“We have had to make sure we sort out the credible offers from those that are not. We have had some offers, for instance, that have come from companies where, upon investigation, the company has only just been formed in the previous day or two before coming and asking for a cash deal with the Government.”

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