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Personal Protection Equipment Industry News

Workers in hazardous jobs feel let down by health and safety proceduresPosted on 14/07/2017

According to a survey of 2,000 workers, 25% feel that the health and safety policies at work do not do enough to keep them safe and healthy in the workplace, says a recent survey.

A quarter of those in manual industry, like construction, say they have insufficient information about their role, the dangers they may face and how to deal with them.


The study was conducted by WorkMobile, a data capture app firm, and also revealed that most of the workers surveyed who have dangerous jobs do not feel that they have the necessary information to deal with a hazardous situation.

All the recipients of the survey work for companies with more than five employees, so there is a legal requirement for the employer to provide details of their health and safety policy to workers. Worryingly, 65% had not received this information. A fifth of employees do not know how to report a hazard in the workplace, even though there is a higher likelihood of this happening in dangerous working environments, and a quarter of the workers would need to consult someone to find out how to deal with a situation.

Although responsibility lies with the employer to keep their workforce safe, employees also have to be responsible for their own safety, and follow the regulations put in place to keep them safe. For some workers, this may simply involve the use of PPE, while others may need training and specialist workwear. 

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