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US donates PPE to Pakistan in avian flu fightPosted on 09/06/2006

The US government is to provide personal protection equipment (PPE) and additional technical apparatus to help speed the fight against avian flu.

At present it can take up to 72 hours to identify the avian flu virus, increasing the risk that many more people will be exposed and resulting in the cull of thousands of birds.

New equipment provided by the US will cut this time to six hours, reducing the risk to both people and poultry. To date Pakistan has identified cases of avian flu on 28 small-scale poultry farms, resulting in the slaughter of more than 120,000 birds.

In addition to equipment to help detect the virus the US is also donating PPE to the Pakistani authorities. This will enable disease control agents to clean-up areas where there has been an avian flu outbreak more quickly and effectively.

The US government also said it would aid Pakistan's Ministry of Health improve its investigation and control communicable diseases. It has also committed to spending some $330 million to control avian flu with the provision of PPE, detection and laboratory equipment.

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