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A recent study in the U.S. has suggested that many people injured while at work are not wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE).

The study, completed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), has shown that uncomfortable or unavailable PPE is often the issue. The data has been released by the U.S. based Cintas Corporation on the launch of a branded safety centre.

Highlighting the issues that a lack of PPE can cause to workers, the emergency aid and safety training provider has released a number of strategies it believes could increase the uptake of PPE. Jay Bruscato, the vice president of Cintas, said:

“PPE protects workers from a wide variety of job hazards and keeps organizations in compliance with safety regulations,”

Amongst the suggestions for ensuring the correct use of PPE, Cintas believes that having a designated cabinet for such workwear is essential, as is ensuring the gear is appropriate to the environment.

This is particularly the case for gloves, which need to be changed according to duration and use too. The firm says:

“Safety managers will want to consider gloves made from leather, canvas and coated fabric, as well as options that are rubber-insulated and chemical and liquid-resistant.”

The firm goes on to remind firms that the constant checking of safety gear is important as well. Both as part of a routine, and particularly after an incident has happened, equipment should be thoroughly checked.

However, for such items as hard hats and other protective clothing, replacing items after an incident is the only sensible step.

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