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  3. Two in five employees will refuse to work if given inadequate PPE

A survey by Populus Data Solutions found that 40% of workers would refuse to return to work if they were not given adequate PPE.

In a poll of over 2,000 workers and their attitudes to protective workwear, it seems those returning after the coronavirus lockdown are concerned about having the right protective workwear. Most (87%) of the respondents said that the employer was responsible for issuing PPE and 40% said that the government had some responsibility.

Employers should note that 40% said that if their employer did not issue them with the right PPE, they would refuse to work.

Many workers are not clear about what type of protective workwear they needed, with 81% saying that they wanted their employers to give them clear advice.

If a significant number of employees are reluctant to return to work because of fears that they could catch COVID-19 in the workplace, this could have a severe impact on the British economy. To help employers and their workers, a face mask factsheet which can be viewed at HVPmag.co.uk. This shows the different levels of protection from various mask grades and where they should be used.

The government has changed its advice on social distancing, saying that two metres apart is ideal but one metre is acceptable. Relaxing this distance does not remove the importance of wearing face masks and other workplace hygiene measures to protect staff and members of the public from spreading the virus.

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