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A survey has found that there is a high demand for protective workwear designed specifically for women, with nine out of ten women tradespeople surveyed saying they find it very difficult to source protective workwear to fit them.

Badly fitting clothing can be dangerous, especially loose clothing that can snag on ladders and other objects. A third of women surveyed said that they could not work as well in poorly fitting clothing. Over half of women wear their own clothing at worksites rather than badly fitting protective workwear.

There is a rising number of women employed in trades and working in research, and this has prompted some uniform and workwear makers to design ranges for the female figure. Many manufacturers have a range of female workwear, but often these are modified male designs altered to fit the female body better.

Workwear manufacturers are responding to the demand from tradeswomen for protective workwear that is unique to them by designing workwear ranges that are designed specifically for women. These are made with a different silhouette to males’ workwear that fits the typical female body, and some have skirt bottoms. Many of these clothes are not only safe, but stylish to wear.

Some new workwear designs for women are made from fabric that stretches and is durable, and not restrictive. This is more comfortable to work in all day, while also protecting female workers from safety risks

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