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Personal Protection Equipment Industry News

Third of UK employees concerned about catching COVID-19Posted on 23/11/2020

A survey by the Resolution Foundation research institute has found that a third of British workers worry about catching COVID-19 in the workplace. 


Workplaces have adopted strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including wearing PPE and following social distancing and hygiene measures. According to the survey, however, this has not stopped many workers from having a fear of catching the virus at work. 


The survey interviewed 6,000 workers to find out how worried they are about the virus. Though 90% of employers have taken many steps to reduce virus transmission risks, 47% of survey respondents rated the COVID-19 risk at work as high, and 35% are worried about the contracting the virus.


Younger people and those on lower pay are less likely to complain about COVID-19 protection measures than higher paid and older workers. Black, Asian and ethnic minorities also tend to be more concerned about the virus, along with people living in households where someone is shielding. Perhaps unsurprisingly, customer-facing employees, such as shop and restaurant workers, also have a high degree of concern. 


The report also states that many of the workers that are very worried about the virus do not raise their concerns with their employers. 


The Resolution Foundation wants the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to increase its efforts in reducing the risks of the virus spreading in the workplace, and it wants better COVID-19 rule enforcement. It claims that the HSE is under resourced and should receive more funds. 

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