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Personal Protection Equipment Industry News

Technology protects construction workers from CoronavirusPosted on 19/03/2020

Construction recruitment consultancy Morson Group is going to give its remote workers technology that protects them against COVID-19.

The Fit for Work app by was originally developed to help workers know what type of PPE (personal protective equipment) they needed for hazardous work. The tool has been modified for construction workers.

The app uses facial recognition software to identify workers and records the date, time and location where they are working. This information is passed to supervisors, allowing them to assess if the work location has too many people working there to make it social distancing possible.

The technology can also help to identify workers who have worked near someone who has contracted the virus. They can be advised about self-isolation and quarantine procedures.

The Morson Group is performing a pilot scheme for this technology. Its CEO, Ged Mason, said:

“The safety of all our workers is absolutely paramount to both our clients and the Morson Group. Rolling out this technology puts the right health and safety mechanisms in place to protect them and their wider workforce.”

He added that many of his remote workers are repairing the essential infrastructure of Britain and will continue working unless the government advises them not to.

After the trial period, the Morson Group intends to issue the technology to its entire contractor workforce – some 3,000 people.

The Fit for Work app can be used by any company that wants a digital way to protect their workers’ welfare.

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