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A survey by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revealed the most cited health and safety criticisms.

A thousand British workers were asked about their workplace health and safety issues. The survey found that 17% of these workers had complained about health and safety. The most common complaint was about temperature and air quality, which 42% of respondents voiced, followed by issues concerning the physical workplace and cleanliness (24% and 20% respectively). Other areas of concern were noise, inadequate canteen facilities and dampness. 

A 2019 survey by Bunkabin found that nearly half (47%) of employees complained about inadequate toilet and showering facilities. This survey also found that 38% of respondents said that health and safety complaints were not taken seriously enough by their employees and actions were not taken to address their concerns. 

Commenting on the lack of employer action, the director of Bunkabin, Luke Rothwell, said:

“For many industries, such as construction and agriculture, workers are often working unsupervised in hazardous conditions, so if a worker fears for their own safety, they should feel confident to raise their concerns with their employer.”

All employees must know the complaint procedure for dealing with their health and safety concerns. The law requires employers to inform all workers about health and safety, when to wear PPE (personal protection equipment), how to work in hazardous conditions and the safe use of equipment.

Health and safety posters approved by the HSE must be displayed, and the information on them given to workers in the form of leaflets.

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