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A new survey has revealed the effects COVID-19 may have on workers’ health and safety.


The survey, conducted by vision experts Lenstore, asked participants how they felt about health and safety at work. 29% of respondents revealed that they are worried about how their work has put their mental and physical health at risk.


Results showed that respondents were absent from work for an average of 3.5 days a year due to illness related to their job. Around 10% of workers have suffered a career-related illness that has caused them to take time off, with the most common reason being stress and anxiety.


The survey also asked participants how COVID-19 has affected their workplace health and safety. 15% said that it has had a negative effect, but 29% felt that the pandemic has caused employers to take health and safety more seriously.


23% of participants said that employers need to be more honest and open about health and safety matters, and 22% want employers to prioritise health and safety.


Roshni Patel of Lenstore said:


“We all have the right to feel that our mental and physical health is well looked after in our place of work, and whilst not every workplace is perfect, we want to shine a light on how employees across the country feel.”


Patel urges employers to take health and safety more seriously. Employees need to be supported with the correct PPE, as every worker needs to feel safe at work.

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