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A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA has found that the main reason why motorcyclists often avoid wearing high-visibility clothing is that they do not like how they make them look. This is despite evidence that there is 37% less risk of collisions when riders wear fluorescent clothing.


This means the key to getting riders to wear protective clothing is to design better-looking garments that incorporate hi-vis elements but still look stylish.


Motorcyclists have to wear helmets but are not forced to wear hi-vis clothing, but many workers must wear hi-vis protective workwear so that they are easily seen. Everyone likes to feel good and prefer workwear that is both practical and stylish, but there are regular reports of safety workwear not being a good fit for workers, such as women having to wear clothing designed for men.


A dashcam video posted online in 2019 by the Daily Express showed an accident where a car hit a motorcyclist head-on. Though the motorcyclist suffered severe injuries, his life was saved by wearing an airbag suit. This illustrates that saving a life using PPE (personal protective equipment) is more important than how a rider or worker looks.


Looking fashionable at work creates a positive impression on customers and members of the public, but aesthetics should not compromise on safety. Some protective workwear companies are developing clothing that fulfils three criteria - they protect workers, are comfortable to wear, and look good.

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