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Following an accident that resulted in a driver being crushed between a trailer and a forklift truck, TRW Ltd has been fined and ordered to pay costs.

The worker, who is employed by Ford Motor Company, was driving an articulated lorry and was on TRW’s Solihull site when the accident occurred. The incident happened on 18th August, 2014, while the man was making a collection.

The support beam was being altered by the driver on a trailer during a loading process. However, the forklift truck dropped a load, crushing the man against the trailer's bed. Although he was said to be extremely lucky to survive the incident, the driver suffered from internal bruising and broken ribs, with physical problems still occurring.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), inadequate risk assessing had taken place and no formal procedure had been made available for loading and unloading. Third-party drivers and pedestrians were also not given places of safety to avoid accidents. The operator of the forklift truck had his view restricted by the load, making an accident more likely.

The company had a policy in place to identify risk to pedestrians, but failed to ensure that they were in a safe place when loading and unloading was happening. Although forklift drivers had received training, it was believed that if industry guidance and HSE information had been adhered to, the accident would not have happened. Although PPE is crucial for protection at work, workers must still adhere to proper guidelines.

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