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A metal firm in Sheffield has been fined following an investigation into the death of one of its employees in 2011.


The worker was killed after being struck on the head by a moving load. The case was heard at Sheffield Magistrates' Court, where details of the incident unfolded.


Nigel Hall, 47, was assisting with the movement of a crucible from a furnace at ATI Speciality Materials Ltd. An overhead crane had been used to lift the crucible before it was moved around 10 yards towards Hall. He then loosened bolts on the crucible before signalling for the crane operator to go ahead. The crane driver lifted the load a couple of feet higher and then activated the southbound button. As he could see that Hall was in the path of the load, he immediately stopped the crane and shouted a warning. However, despite the crane halting, the load continued to move and struck Hall on his head. He was pronounced dead at Northern General Hospital.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the incident and discovered that safe procedures of work and risk assessments had not been reviewed during the previous nine years. In addition, a number of workers had not been given refresher training for the operation of cranes during the last six to 10 years. The company was fined £160,000 and ordered to pay costs of £72,321.


All companies are required to undertake regular risk assessments and make sure safe procedures are in place, which may also entail the provision of PPE.

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