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A prison sentence has recently been handed out to the owner of a Bristol building housing around 40 businesses.


Alan Dykes received a jail term and was ordered to pay costs after pleading guilty to the health and safety offences, of which there were five in total that occurred between June 2011 and January 2014.


The owner of the building, which was previously the Strachan and Henshaw site, allegedly had a “wilful disregard” for the various safety issues that occurred in the building. Since 2011, when the offences first took place, public protection officers from Bristol City Council visited the site a number of times. Among the safety issues were blocked fire exits, failure to manage the site, asbestos, a leaking roof and electrical hazards.


Some occupants of the building had used the yard and fire exit corridor as a toilet, as the building toilets were filthy. According to the health and safety inspector from Bristol City Council, Heather Clarke, many hours have been spent at the site giving Dykes advice, although there has never been a continued improvement. The officers concerned have become increasingly concerned about the health and safety of the occupants of the building, which is why they have prosecuted the owner.


According to Dykes, he has carried out some work and invested in the electrical system. However, he did admit that more work was required.


Dykes has been sentenced to eight months in prison and ordered to pay the costs of £7,660. The use of PPE is required, especially when dealing with asbestos.

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