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A large number of self employed workers will no longer have to produce risk assessments for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), following the introduction of a new exemption commencing 1st October this year.

During the 2011 Lofstedt Review, it was recommended that if no threat was posed to others, then self employed workers would not have to submit reports in order to comply with the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act. Until now, anyone who is classed as self employed had to submit a risk assessment report to the HSE, which was regarded by many as being a costly burden. The introduction of the exemption will reduce the administration required for those whose duties don't pose a risk to others. 

Since the introduction of the health and safety regulations, the number of fatal incidents at work in the UK has dropped by 87 per cent. The number of non-fatal incidents has also fallen by more than 70 per cent. Having seen the success of the legislation, other countries have also adopted similar regulations to protect their workers. There are some areas which are still covered by the health and safety regulations, which includes any one who is self employed and employs others, or industries regarded as high risk, like agriculture, gas work, construction or railways. 

Compliance with the legislation includes the use of PPE and specialist workwear, to be used by all employees and workers, including self-employed, who work in hazardous conditions.

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