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One of the most useful and important items of personal protection equipment ever developed, safety eyewear, is now one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the workplace.

Protecting your eyes and sight from various work hazards is made simple and easy with goggles, glasses and safety spectacles manufactured for all types of work environments.

Companies including Keep Safe, Pulsafe, AO Safety, Lens Care, and Bolle have all developed eyewear to protect against sparks, chemicals, flame, soot, sawdust and metal shavings.

Most safety spectacles are made of lightweight materials with scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses. The lenses and frames are impact resistant and are stronger than normal glasses.

Many also have adjustable side arms so the goggles can be fitted properly and for those people working with chemicals that can splash into the eyes, side shields can give added protection.

Working in the sun can prove hazardous in itself so certain safety glasses are equipped with anti-glare lenses, while those people moving inside and outside all day are encouraged to wear yellow goggles to help the eyes adapt.

Anyone wishing to purchase a pair of safety glasses should ensure they fit properly. Glasses should be individually assigned and fitted for maximum protection.

Glasses should fit with the arms sitting comfortably over the ears; the frame should be as close to the face as possible and the glasses should straddle the bridge of the nose.

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