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The BSI has published workplace safety guidelines to protect workers returning to work after the easing of the coronavirus lockdown. The advice is not fixed and the BSI invites the business community to share experiences and lessons learned about workers returning to work. It is expected that the guidelines will be regularly revised in response to government instructions, risk levels and new knowledge as it emerges. Version two of the BSI guidelines is expected before July. 


The guidelines apply to all business sectors and is designed to complement rather than replace government guidance. The Director of Standards at the BSI, Scott Steedman, said:


“Our role as the National Standards Body is to bring people together so they can share their expertise and knowledge and agree on what good practice looks like. Together we can help to make the working environment safe for all.”


The BSI’s guidelines are based on a "plan, do, check, act" approach. "Plan" includes one-way corridor systems, social distancing and the use of PPE. "Do" involves implementing shift patterns to stagger worker arrival times and reduce congestion at entrance and exit areas. "Check" is making sure that safety measures are effective, and finally "act" is changing or modifying any measures that are ineffective.


The aim of the guidelines is to have a framework for safety procedures and to continually improve safety for all workers and customers of businesses. 


Version one of the guidelines is online at the BSI website. Organisations can sign up to be alerted when new versions of the guidelines are available.

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