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According to a report by BBC Scotland, a number of offshore workers have been exposed to radiation while working on the Thistle platform belonging to EnQuest, located just off the Shetland Islands.

The incident happened in December last year, and one of the workers affected is calling for action to be taken. Steve Innes explained to the BBC that he and the other contractors from Wood Group discovered that they had suffered exposure to alpha radiation. According to EnQuest, additional steps had been taken since the incident as an extra precaution.

Innes has stated that along with his colleagues, he is now facing the fear of cancer, and that blood tests are ongoing. Since he has raised his concerns, he states that he has also struggled to find employment.


While working at Thistle, the workers were informed that there was a problem. Innes states that a health and safety manager had informed the workers that a reading had been taken the previous night, and the work had been stopped as a result. As the company presumed that it was clear, they had not used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as they deemed it unnecessary. However, all the workers concerned have now had exposure to radiation.

EnQuest issued a statement saying that six workers had been exposed to low levels of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Although the level was lower than that at which the Health and Safety Executive needs to be notified, EnQuest has informed the organisation anyway. Further steps have been taken to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

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