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Protective workwear is only effective with safety procedures

Not only is it important to make sure that you and any other workers have the right protective workwear whilst on site, to prevent injury there are other rules that must be followed. Protective workwear such as head protection and safety gloves help to prevent injury to individuals, but other procedures ensure all workers' safety and the safety of the public.

Making sure that all work is planned means that you are aware of all safety risks. These risks can then be avoided through proper management and continuous monitoring. Ensuring that someone is aware of everything that is happening on the site can mean that a potential accident is spotted before it occurs.

Site access must always be secure to prevent any unauthorised people from entering the site. If you make sure that members of the general public can not access a site then they will not be harmed in an accident and cannot cause an accident.

Communicate with the workforce. Everyone should know what they are doing and where they should be. Workers should also have full training for the job, including the use of any equipment.


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