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Personal Protection Equipment Industry News

Protective clothing goes to the next levelPosted on 13/10/2005

New protective garments have been developed for emergency personnel that are lighter, longer wearing and contaminant proof.

Designed by American and British staff from TIEHH, the British company Remploy Frontline and US based Hobbs Bonded Fibers, the products are made from synthetic fibers and cotton to produce maximum protection.

Rob Kendall director at the Institute told the Southwest Farm Press: "The United States and Great Britain are placing a great deal of emphasis on preparedness and responsiveness to emergencies. The product we are developing will go a long way to ensuring the safety of those who respond after disasters."

The clothing will be developed using a novel protective fabric technology created earlier this year by TIEHH.

Paul Dunderdale senior vice president of Remploy Frontline told the paper the consortium hopes to take fabric technology for protective clothing to the next level.

"Remploy is constantly working on the next generation technology and this new partnership will enable all of us to move forward."

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