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New PPE (personal protective equipment) technology is being used to keep lone employees safe.
 There has been an increase in the number of lone workers who work in isolation from colleagues. This has been caused by the pandemic, which has meant many more people are working alone at home. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, people are returning to work, but not everyone will be at the workplace five days a week. Hybrid working is becoming the norm, with many people spending at least part of the working week alone.
 A report by Peoplesafe has found that there is currently a shift taking place from PPE to PPET (personal protective equipment and technology). Employers have a duty of care to protect all workers, whether they are in the workplace with colleagues or working remotely on their own.


There are concerns about both the physical and mental wellbeing of lone workers. Technology can monitor the health of lone workers and provide communication channels for them to regularly talk to managers and members of their teams.
 The Peoplesafe report says that people working alone have new health and safety risks. Health and safety measures for these workers are evolving based on data provided by PPET connected to company networks.
Lone workers may not need to socially distance themselves or wear face masks to prevent the virus from spreading to other workers, but health and safety technology can protect lone workers from the particular challenges they face. This technology will likely become part of every company's culture.

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