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A new PPE (personal protective equipment) spray has been developed that is designed to protect health workers against the COVID-19 virus. The spray-on PPE, developed by AeroLabs, works by using nanobodies that resemble the human immune system antibodies.


They are effective against the virus by clamping down on the virus spikes. No human trials have yet been held with the spray, so its use is some way off. The spray is designed to be used once a day, applied with a nasal spray or inhaler.


Potentially, it could be the answer to the worldwide shortage of PPE masks for healthcare workers. In addition, the COVID-19 vaccine, when it becomes available, may not work for everybody. The new spray could be used as a defence against the virus to protect those who need an alternative to the vaccine. AeroLabs is looking for a commercial partner to manufacturer the spray if human trials are successful. It has claimed that it: “May help reshape the course of the pandemic worldwide.”


One of the spray’s inventors, Peter Walker, a professor of biophysics and biochemistry at UCFS, said that the spray is a much more effective form of protection compared to wearable PPE. If a PPE spray becomes available, it may not be the most cost-effective way of protecting workers. Businesses will likely continue to use low-cost PPE masks, and manufacturers of PPE equipment in the UK have increased their production to protect workers and businesses from the spread of COVID-19.

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