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The global PPE (personal protective equipment) market to protect workers from electrical accidents is expected to grow to pass the $20bn (£16.4bn) mark by 2025.

This figure was published in a research report by Market Study Report. It says that the number of accidents involving electricity has risen worldwide and this has created the need for safer working environments. Government agencies like the EU Commission have introduced strict regulations designed to avoid electrical hazard injuries. Industries have been encouraged to use electrical safety PPE and this has fueled the growth in their sales.

Hazards from electricity include live wires and faulty earthing. These can be avoided, but in case of negligence, electrical safety PPE can protect workers from being electrocuted. As well as being harmful to employees, accidents caused by electricity can lead to costly fines if companies are prosecuted for negligence.

Workers can wear protective clothing that is flame resistant and protects them from the extreme heat of electrical arc flashes. In many countries, accidents caused by arc flashes have resulted in heavy compensation claims.

The report says that electrical safety PPE manufacturers face challenges that affect their profits. Raw materials prices have risen and in many markets, substandard protective workwear is being sold at low prices. Manufacturers need to maintain quality and functionality without large price increases.

There is also the need for research and development to create new electrical safety PPE that has improved protection, is more comfortable, lightweight and incorporates smart devices that monitor workers’ safety.

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