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Almost half the workplaces in the UK have never been visited by a Health and Safety Executive inspector, according to a report published by the Trades Union Congress.

The survey of health and safety representatives indicates that the figures include 80% of construction companies. This sector reported 65,000 injuries that were work related and 67,000 illnesses related to the workplace in 2015. In comparison, 57% of safety representatives in the manufacturing industry said that they had received an inspection during the last 12 months. Only 17% of representatives in the construction industry had any awareness of an inspection during the last year.

Almost half the respondents said that their workplace had never been inspected by HSE, as far as they were aware, while 24% said that an inspection had taken place during the last 12 months. Frances O'Grady, the general secretary of the TUC, stated that it was concerning that around half of all workplaces had not been inspected by HSE, especially construction firms, as they are among the most dangerous in which to be employed. The general secretary called for investment in HSE rather than continuing to make cuts to the health and safety service, undermining safety protection in the workplace.

Safety in the workplace may include the use of PPE and specialist workwear, risk assessments and training for employees and workers, so they are aware of hazards and how to reduce the risk of an accident occurring. The report also states that funding for HSE will have been reduced by almost half by 2019-20.

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