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An Australian provider of personal protective equipment (PPE) has developed a new range of gloves aimed at bringing down the number of hand injuries in heavy industries.

The Mec-Flex range, developed by Elliotts, has been designed specifically for workers’ protection within the construction, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas industries.

Said by the safety workwear specialist to be cut and impact resistant, they have already been certified to the highest of Australian safety standards.

There are 12 models of glove throughout the range, catering for the most basic of tasks through to the heaviest of jobs.

At the lower end of the scale, there is the Mec-Flex Quick Fit. Providing a versatile and affordable product, the glove has been designed for general purpose use in light work. Also ideal for basic 'handyman' jobs, it would probably also do well in the consumer market.

In the mid-range, there is the Mec-Flex Rigger GT and the ImpactX3.

The first of these, the Rigger GT, has been made from goat skin to offer extreme comfort and an improved fit. A glove for workers in the mechanics sub-sectors of industry, it also offers cooling Spandex, hand and finger protection, and a reinforced palm.

At the top of the range is the Oiler Series. Specially engineered for the heaviest of jobs in the roughest industries, it offers protection against high impacts. Also protecting against bruising from repetition of tasks and pinched fingers, and with significant resistance to abrasion, these are ideal for use in the oil and gas sector.

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