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Vest manufacturers are developing new designs for high-visibility vests that add functionality and adapt to onsite working conditions.


High-visibility vests are protective workwear that many workers must wear, especially on construction sites. Sometimes, workers are reluctant to wear them because they do not have the functionality they need.


Workers often carry a variety of tools and accessories, and therefore need a vest with a number of strong pockets in various sizes. Many construction sites use wireless technology, and so require vests with storage space for tablets and phones. The pockets must be sealable and strong to keep devices safe and dry.


High-visibility vests are often issued in one size only. Vests that can adjust to the wearer’s body size are more comfortable to wear and workers have less resistance to using them. Many vests are also not durable and are thrown away when damaged. 


When working outside in high temperature weather, workers need high-visibility vests made from breathable fabric. In cold weather conditions, vests need to be large enough to be worn over layers of warm clothing.


Zachary Richman, writing for the Occupational Health and Safety Organisation (OHS), says:


“PPE is not a one-size-fits all factor of worker protection, and the more uncomfortable and dysfunctional the PPE, the less likely the worker is to wear it. When making PPE decisions for your workers in construction, seriously consider worker, the environment and the risks present.”


Manufacturers involved in the design process are now turning to the needs of the wearer rather than modelling them on what is already available.

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