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A new workwear glove has hit the market that promises to offer a lightweight solution in some of the toughest environments.

Juba PPE launched its new 4406 glove at an industry trade show in Spain in February. Specially designed for workers in the car manufacturing industry, they are ideal for safely handling small parts and working in oily conditions.

They are not just for workers in the automobile sector though. With gloves a key part of many workers' personal protective equipment (PPE), the design of the gloves also allows them to be used in many other environments.

For example, they can be used in wet or dry conditions, while the specialist design incorporating diamond technology allows great dexterity. The gloves have a cut resistance rated to level three, according to European regulations.

Remarking on this in a press release, the firm said:

“It requires no compromise on comfort, tactility and weight of the glove, while providing significantly higher cut resistant performance, and better durability – especially compared to aramid based gloves.”

Despite their toughness, it is also claimed that the gloves offer the wearer a ‘cool’ feel.

Gloves are an essential requisite today, affording vital protection against the environment, working conditions and repetitive tasks. However, they are also vital for protecting hands in the instances of errors and accidents.

As a result, monitoring wear and tear is vital. However, with the new threads used by manufacturers such as Juba, their resistance is increasing – despite ever lighter, yet tougher, threads, knits and weaves being used.

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