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  3. Most British workers don’t know where the workplace first aid kit is


A survey by Protecting Ltd, a health and safety software company, found that 83% of the workers they interviewed were not able to say where their workplace first aid kit was located.


An even bigger number, 92%, were ignorant of what the first aid box contained, apart from vaguely mentioning "plasters and bandages".


Mark Hall of Protecting Ltd, commented on these findings:


“If you don’t know where your first aid box is, you don’t deserve to be working there. You’re literally putting yourself and your colleagues at risk by not knowing.”


He said that first aid should be part of the induction process for new employees and there should be regular refresher courses for all workers.


Although many jobs require protective workwear, this does not prevent all injuries and workers should know what to do if a colleague has an accident. Some workers told Protecting Ltd. that they thought that watching television medical dramas like Casualty teaches them about emergency procedures. Hall disagrees, saying that TV dramas are not reality.


A workplace first aid box should contain a lot more than plasters and bandages. Items in the box should include eyewash, disposable gloves, distilled water, tweezers, scissors and burn dressings. First aid box contents may vary according to the industry sector.


First aid courses are often held outside the workplace and workers willingly go on them because it is time away from the work routine. Workers can gain qualifications at first aid courses, which they can add to their CV. Most crucially, their training could save a colleague's life.

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